Bruce Magnotti Seattle Custom Jewelry Designer

Bruce Magnotti's rings are individually custom designed and crafted, rarely will he make more than one as they are designed to showcase the individual gem stones. The stones are usually 5-20 carats in size and of all species, semi-precious (we actually do not use that term) to precious gems, and diamonds. The far majority of the gems are natural, mined stones, though we create unique styles from high quality lab created stones when we find them. The highest quality lab created stones are almost as rare as the natural specimens. Bruce Magnotti researches the mining and production of all gem stones used in his jewelry designs, all are 100% conflict free from the mining, to the cutting, to the marketing.


Many of the stones are from estate sources, all his gems are hand cut and polished, many from the sourced out old mines throughout the world. He is just starting to buy stones from rare gem dealers throughout the world. They recently received a shipment from (what was the) royal family in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka is no longer a monarchy). This royal family have been in charge of all mining operations in the largest mining district in Sri Lanka for 2,500 years. All of our rings are constructed by master goldsmiths in Bellevue and Seattle.

Magnotti uses hand forged, antique and vintage wedding bands, refinished to new condition, solid gold and platinum heads hand crafted in New York and New Orleans. All of their rings are constructed of solid gold and platinum.

Bruce Magnotti used to sell his jewelry on eBay. eBay generously continues to represent the vast quantity of feedback that Bruce acquired during that time period. To view this feedback follow this link: eBay Reputation



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